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A Lean Deployment Plan for a project can help project teams apply Lean principles and practices along the various stages of a project by embedding them into their project management processes. The plan is developed following the formation of the project team and the development and validation of the project business plan. Therefore, the plan is ideally meant to be developed by the project team collaboratively with commitment to the resources needed for implementation.   The Guide was developed through a grant from the Lean Construction Institute (LCI).

This guide is designed to walk the project team through the steps of the planning procedure to systematically create their project specific Lean Deployment Plan. The guide employs a simple, four-step process to 1) prepare the process, 2) select the lean methods, 3) plan the process for each methods use, and, 4)  integrate those methods into a project plan to deploy on the project.  Each step of the procedure is defined and described in detail in the Guide.  Along with this description, there are also template resources provided with the download to help the project team work through the steps of this planning procedure, and document their project specific Lean Deployment Plan.  We welcome your feedback on the planning guide so that we can continue to improve this planning resource.

If you have any questions regarding the guide content, please contact:

 John Messner at jim101@psu.edu or 

Robert Leicht at rml167@psu.edu

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