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History of CIC

The Computer Integrated Construction (CIC) Research Group was formed in the late 1980s by Victor Sanvido.  Victor had the vision to leverage technology and process transformation to improve the Construction Industry, and the vision continues to drive our activities today.  In 1990, a series of technical reports were developed to document an integrated process for delivering a facility, with a focus on improving the delivery process through the adoption of technology and improved delivery procedures. This foundational work on the development of the Integrated Building Process Model, documented in the initial Technical Report #1, has outlined a process roadmap to guide much of the work within our team for more than 25 years.  In 2001, Victor Sanvido left Penn State to return to industry, after positioning the CIC Program for success.  John Messner joined Penn State and entered the role of Director of the CIC Program in 2001.  Through the years, our research has continued to expand with more people, and more diverse topic areas such as visualization,  project delivery methods, energy efficiency, augmented reality, virtual reality, automation, educational gaming, and many others.  While we continue to explore new topics, we always maintain the focus on process improvement, and how technology can be leveraged to achieve improved project and professional outcomes.  We are very proud of our research accomplishments through the years, but we take even greater pride in the many students who have graduated from Penn State and are making an impact in the Construction Industry.

‘Focus on process improvement.’


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