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This document provides a structure for evaluating project characteristics and assessing different delivery decisions to enable success on the project.  The recommendations are developed from a detailed research project focused on data from over 200 projects.

Image of the Interactive Workspaces Guide Cover

This online resource helps project teams define their use cases for interactive workspaces, and provides suggestions for characteristics of an interactive workspaces to meet the project teams needs.

This guide provides a structure approach for project teams to define their lean strategy and methods at the early stage of a project.

This guide provides an alternative approach to defining BIM uses for projects.  It was developed from a detailed research project focused on redefining the language of BIM uses to provide more consistency in terminology and to provide a clear process framework for BIM uses.

CIC Technical Reports

Team Selection for Integrated Project Delivery by Allison D. Townes, CIC TR 82, 2015.

Modeling The Role Of Team Integration And Group Cohesion In Construction Project Performance by Bryan Franz, CIC TR 81, 2014

Healthcare Facility Acquisition Outcomes: The Relationship Of Delivery, Procurement, And Contracting To Cost And Schedule Performance by Russell Manning, CIC TR 80, 2014.

Determining The Effects Of Facilitated Collaboration On Construction Team Performance And Project Outcome by Hector Velez, CIC TR 79, 2014.

Developing The Construction Phase Of The Integrated Building Lifecycle Process Model For Retrofit Projects by Ruoyun Gao, CIC TR 78, 2014.

Development Of Planning And Design Phases Of An Integrative Building Lifecycle Process Model For Advanced Energy Retrofit Projects by Sreelatha Chunduri, CIC TR 77, 2014.

Retrofitting Healthcare Facilities To Enhance Patient Safety And Energy Efficiency by Atefeh Mohammadpour, CIC TR 76, 2014.

Information Exchange Requirements For Walk-through Energy Audits by Miaomiao Niu, CIC TR 75, 2013.

An Ontology Of The Uses Of Building Information Modeling by Ralph Kreider, CIC TR 74, 2013.

A Planning Procedure For The Identification And Development Of Owner Information Exchange Requirements For Capital Facility Projects by Colleen Kasprzak, CIC TR 73, 2013.

Analysis Of Legal Concepts For Projects Implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) In The United States by Eric Nulton, CIC TR 72, 2013.

Sustainability Education Of Engineering Students Using Augmented Reality And Simulation Games by Steven Ayer, CIC TR 71, 2013.

Integrated Structural Process Model: An Inclusive Non-material Specific Approach To Determining The Required Tasks And Information Exchanges For Structural Building Information Modeling by Ryan Solnosky, CIC TR 70, 2013.

Experience-based Design Review Of Healthcare Facilities Using Interactive Virtual Prototypes by Sonali Kumar, CIC TR 69, 2013.

A Process Model For Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning Systems Design For Advanced Energy Retrofit Projects by Yifan Liu, CIC TR 68, 2012.

Quantifying Green Construction Safety Through Company Outcomes by Fatma Idil Akcetin, CIC TR 67, 2012.

Towards Cyber-Physical Systems Integration In Construction by Abiola A. Akanmu, CIC TR 66, 2012.

In-process Indicators For Tracking Green Building Project Outcomes by Pelin Gultekin, CIC TR 65, 2011.

Evaluating Waste Associated With Building Information Exchange Using Lean Theory by Craig R. Dubler, CIC TR 64, 2011.

Evaluating A Simulation Game In Construction Engineering Education: The Virtual Construction Simulator 3 by Dragana Nikolić, CIC TR 63, 2011.

Measuring The Impact Of Mechanical Contractor Design Involvement On Building System And Project-level Outcomes: A Comparative Case Study by Bryan W. Franz, CIC TR 62, 2011.

Synergistic Approach To Green Building Delivery, Lean Principles And Building Information Modeling In The Design Of Healthcare Facilities by Elena Enache-Pommer, CIC TR 61, 2010.

A Process Mapping Procedure For Planning Building Information Modeling (BIM) Execution On A Building Construction Project by Chitwan Saluja, CIC TR 60, 2009.

Developing The Basis For Process Metrics For Sustainable Building Performance by Tabitha L. Sprau, CIC TR 59, 2009.

Building Information Modeling Uses For Design In The Architecture, Engineering, And Construction (AEC) Industry by Nevena Zikic, CIC TR 58, 2009.

The Long and Foster Headquarters Building: A Building Information Modeling Case Study by Megan Wortman, Robert Leicht, Nevena Zikic and John Messner, CIC TR 57, 2008.

Development Of Interactive Simulations For Construction Engineering Education by Shrimant Jaruhar, CIC TR 56, 2008.

A Framework For Planning Effective Collaboration Using Interactive Workspaces by Robert M. Leicht, CIC TR 55, 2009.

4D CAD for Highway Construction Projects by Adam Platt, CIC TR 54, 2007.

Evaluating Relative Impact of VR Components Screen Size, Stereoscopy and Field of View on Spatial Comprehension and Presence in Architecture by Nevena Zikic, CIC TR 53, 2007.

Evaluating Relative Impact of Virtual Reality Components Detail and Realism on Spatial Comprehension and Presence by Dragana, CIC TR 52, 2007.

Using 4D Modeling to Advance Construction Visualization in Engineerings Education by Lingyun Wang, CIC TR 51, 2007

Entry Strategies For International Construction Markets by Chuan Chen, CIC TR 50, 2005.

Global Virtual Engineering Team Utilizations in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Industry by George Joseph, CIC TR 49, 2005.

A Visual Process for Planning Trade on Construction Projects by Bo Tan, CIC TR 48, 2005.

Immersive Virtual Facility Prototyping for Design and Construction Process Visualization by Rajitha Gopinath, CIC TR 47, 2004.

Using 4D CAD and Immersive Virtual Environments to Improve Construction Planning by Sai Yerrapathruni, CIC TR 46, 2003.

Comparing Procurement Methods for Design-Build Projects by Marwa Wardani, CIC TR 45, 2004.

A Production Control Model for Commercial Construction by Bevan Mace, CIC TR 44, 2001.

Developing a Method to Quantify the Level of Influence of Key Project Decisions on Project Costs - A Case Study on the Multi-Sport Facility by Ju Gao, CIC TR 43, 2001.

A Framework for Applying Concurrent Engineering Principles to the Construction Industry by Hisham Abul Hassan, CIC TR 42, 2001.

Exploring Intensity as a Parameter for Project Evaluation by Amit Garg, CIC TR 41, 2000.

Defining Excellence in U.S. Construction Companies by Mark Konchar and Victor Sanvido, CIC TR 40, 1999.

CIC TR 39 - Not Used

A Comparison of United States Project Delivery Systems by Mark Konchar, CIC TR 38, 1997.

A Transaction Cost Framework for Evaluating Construction Project Organization by Theodore Lynch, CIC TR 37, 1996.

A Process Based Information Architecture by Victor Sanvido, Gloria Anzola, Scott Bennett, Dan Cummings, Eric Hanlon, Kirby Kuntz, Ted Lynch, John Messner, Emily O’Connor, Kevin Potter, David Riley and Takeo Yoshigi, CIC TR 36, 1995.  

Modeling the Space Behavior of Construction Activities by David R. Riley, CIC TR 35, 1995.

An Information Framework for Evaluating International Construction Projects by John Messner, CIC TR 34, 1994.

A Construction Crew Evaluation Model to Improve Craft Productivity by Kirby Kuntz, CIC TR 33, 1995.

A Design/Build Prequalification System by Kevin Potter, CIC TR 32, 1994.

A Process Based Information Architecture by Victor E. Sanvido et al., CIC TR 31, 1995.

1993-94 Penn state Construction Management Senior Thesis Topic Abstracts by Various, CIC TR 30, 1994.

Classifying Constructibility Information by Eric J. Hanlon, CIC TR 29, 1995.

Information Architecture for Computer Integrated Construction by Victor E. Sanvido et al., CIC TR 28, 1995.

A Survey of Precast Concrete Systems used by Fujita by John Messner and Victor Sanvido, CIC TR 27, 1992.

A Project Delivery Selection System by Anthony Vesay, CIC TR 26, 1991.

Managing Retrofit Project by Victor Sanvido and Leland Riggs, CIC TR 25, 1991.

An Information Framework for Facility Programming by Gregory Perkinson, CIC TR 24, 1990.

An Information Framework for Facility Operators by James Beckett, CIC TR 23, 1990.

Critical Project Success Factors (CPSF) for Buildings by V. Sanvido, M. Coyle, M. Guvenis, F. Grobler and M. Parfitt, CIC TR 22, 1990.

A Prototype Information Management System for Hallowell Building by Len Moser and  John Keefer III et al., CIC TR 21, 1990.

A Conceptual Lunar Construction Crew Productivity Model by Mary Matthews, CIC TR 20, 1990.

Development of a Conceptual Information Model for Managing Structural Design by Uche Ikwut-Ukwa, CIC TR 19, 1990.

Intelligent Positioning of Mobile Cranes for Structural Steel Erection by Karl Raynar, CIC TR 18, 1990.

Potential Conflicts of Interest in Design Extended Services Construction Management by Robert Langevine, CIC TR 17, 1990.

Towards a Master Builder Information Framework for Project Developer by Sari Khayyal, CIC TR 16, 1990.

Exploring the impact of Liability on a Design Process Model by Kevin Norton, CIC TR 15, 1989.

A Code Structure for Planning and Analyzing Facility Renovation and Remodeling by Moris Guvenis, CIC TR 14, 1989.

A Group Technology based Classification and Coding System fir Reinforced Concrete Structures by Joseph Francis Sachetti, Soundar Kumara and Victor Sanvido, CIC TR 13, 1989.

A History of Building Problem Solving by Samir Hosny, CIC TR 12, 1990.

 An Interactive Knowledge based Formwork Selection System for Buildings by Awad hanna and Victor Sanvido, CIC TR 11, 1989.

Professional Liability and Decision Making by Kevin Norton, CIC TR 10, 1989.

The influence of Technological Innovations and Organizational Change on Facility Planning by Moris Guvenis, CIC TR 09, 1989. 

The Life Cycle of a Metal Building by Kevin Norton et al., CIC TR 08, 1989.

A Survey of Process Modeling Tools by Eun Chung, CIC TR 07,  1989.

An Integrated Facility Operation Process Model by Eun Chung, CIC TR 06, 1989.

An Integrated Facility Construction Process Model by Michael Hetrick et al., CIC TR 05, 1989.

An Integrated Facility Design Process Model by Kevin Norton, CIC TR 04, 1989.

An Integrated Facility Planning Process Model by Moris Guvenis et al., CIC TR 03, 1989.

An Integrated Facility Management Process Model by Sari Khayyal, CIC TR 02, 1989.

An Integrated Building Process Model by Victor Sanvido et al., CIC TR 01, 1990.

White Papers with CIC Authors

CIC WP 001:  Franz, B. and Messner, J. (2017). "Evaluating the Impact of BIM on Project Performance", CIC WP01, Computer Integrated Construction Research Program, University Park, PA.

LCI WP 18-01:  Messner, J., Bhawani, S. and Leicht, R. (2018). "Lean Deployment Planning:  An assessment of current practice", LCI WP18-01, Lean Construction Institute, Washington, DC.

Select Academic Papers

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