Lean Deployment Planning Resources

Lean Deployment Planning Methods

Due to each project being unique, a different approach and set of strategies may be required to meet project specific requirements. Therefore, with every project, a different set of methods also need to be selected that are complementary to each other in delivering the critical project needs.

The project team should evaluate all potential methods in order to understand two aspects. One, which methods have the potential to really help with achieving the project’s conditions of satisfaction and two, how experienced is the project team to implement a specific method. The method’s potential in meeting the project’s conditions of satisfaction is based on expert judgement of the lean coach and the project leadership. The project team’s comfort level in implementing a method is based on the project team's awareness and understanding of each method.

‍Operating System Methods

‍Operating system methods are related to the core project work and can be planned in advance for implementation when the project is about to start. For example, Target Value Design can be used to define the project targets based on customer value and then the project scope and cost can be managed to meet those targets along the project duration. This is implemented by allowing the design to be developed and the production system to be designed per the project targets offering maximum value.

‍Organization Methods

‍Organization methods help align the supportive project processes that enable the project’s operating system, such as team organization, problem solving, decision-making, etc. and help the project team set-up the groundwork before starting the project execution. For example, “Onboarding is a way for new employees to quickly acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members.” Thus having a pre-planned onboarding process for new project team members will increase engagement and commitment, resulting in higher performance.

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