Identify Use Cases for Workshop

After planning out the workshops and the objectives of the workshops, the IW planning team needs to think further into each workshop and develop the major use cases of interactive workspace in each workshop. This step corresponds to the "IW Use Cases" section of the IW planning template. A taxonomy of the IW use case has been developed. The taxonomy categorizes the IW use cases into "Collaborative Design", "Collaborative Review", and "Education & Training". Each category contains several typical use cases of interactive workspace. Detailed description of the taxonomy and use cases can be found here. 

Figure 1 shows the IW Use Cases section of the planning template. The IW planning team should find each workshop laid out along the timeline and go vertically down until the end of the IW Use Cases section. When a use case is beneficial for the workshop, a "x" will be placed on the same row as the use case to indicate that the use case should be selected. Blank rows were left at the end of each use case category for the planning team to add use cases that are not yet covered in the taxonomy.

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