Energy Storage and Microgrid Training and Certification (ESAMTAC)

“Training the future workforce for microgrid solutions.”


ESAMTAC is an education/training program and credential that prepares electrical contractors and workers for the safe and effective assembly, testing, commissioning, maintenance, repair, retrofitting, and decommissioning of energy storage and microgrid (ESM) systems.


ESAMTAC consists of two courses with exams and related credentials. The primary course develops knowledge and skills with an emphasis on energy storage and microgrid components. The advanced course builds upon the Primary course with a focus on ESM systems and the electrical skills and safety competencies needed to manage and supervise the safe execution of the range of ESM construction activities.


1: Business drivers of ESM systems
2: Microgrid systems & components (generation)
3: Energy storage systems and components
4: Safety of ESM
5: DC Power systems (DC theory)
6: ESM assembly & method of procedure
7: ESM system Arc flash & shock protection
8: Battery enclosure & rack components & requirements
9: Installation of batteries into racks and enclosures
10: Connections between batteries
11: DC power conductors and connections
12: Grounding & Bonding of ESM systems
13: DC control conductors and connections
14: Situational assessment of installed ESM systems


1.1 Microgrid Applications
1.2 Energy Storage Application
2.1 Inverter Properties
2.2 Micro-turbine Interconnection
3.1 En. Storage Chemistry and Application
4.1 PPE selection
4.2 Emergency Action Plan for

Lead Acid Battery Installation
5.1 Wet cell battery maintenance
6.1 Method of Procedure
7.1 Hazard & Arc Fault Risk Assessment 

8.1 Battery Systems Case Study
9.1 Moving Batteries into Racks
10.1 Making Connection Cables
10.2 Connecting Batteries in a Row
11.1 BuildFine Twisted Strand Cable 

11.2 DC Cable Connections
11.3 ESM Project Planning Analysis 


I. Smart Building Systems
II. Power systems communication infrastructure
III. Component parts & protocols of ESM systems 

IV. SCADA / interface systems V. Operations and reset procedures
VI. Cyber security networking / Network segmentation
VII. Design & code compliance / certification 

VIII. Site controller interface and programming
IX.  Evaluation of monitoring data
X.  Sensors and monitoring systems
XI.  Commissioning and testing standards
XII. Advanced troubleshooting methods for BESS systems
XIII. O&M processes & Retrofit procedure
XIV. Decommissioning and recycling of ESM systems

Penn State is leading the creation of a training and certification program in the safe and effective installation, commissioning, maintenance, retrofitting, and decommissioning of energy storage and microgrid equipment and systems.

Energy Storage and Microgrid Training and Certification (ESAM-TAC) is broken into two courses, each consisting of lecture, lab activities, and a corresponding credential which will be approved by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

ESAM-TAC Part A (Primary Course)

Prerequisite:A working knowledge of electrical construction, including safety codes and standards. How to safely and productively handle, assemble, and interconnect microgrid system components. Special emphasis placed on the construction of large stationary battery systems

ESAM-TAC Part B (Advanced Course - Future Development)

Prerequisite:Successful completion of ESAM-TAC Part A. How to safely commission, operate, maintain, repair and retrofit ESM systems and distributed resources and the electrical skills and safety competencies necessary to supervise these activities. Recipients of the credentials will be prepared to interface with equipment, manufacturers, and application engineers to perform regular testing and maintenance of ESM systems and to maintain documentation and communications related to operations and servicing of microgrid systems.

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