Maximizing Success of Integrated Teams

Univ. of Colorado / Penn State CIC Project


This two-year study was funded by the Charles Pankow Foundation and the Construction Industry Institute.  The resulting process is based upon an empirical study of more than 200 completed building projects.  Using several rigorous statistical methods to gain a full understanding of the projects and relationships contained therein, the main finding of the research was that project delivery decisions could not be made independently from one another.  The organizational structure, procurement processes, and contractual terms need to be designed in concert, as a strategy.  In particular, the research found that those strategies that aligned the project team, through both integrated processes and development of a cohesive group, were the only means for achieving project success – cost, quality, and schedule performance.


The Charles Pankow Foundation and the Construction Industry Institute (CII)


July 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018

Team Participants

Investigators:  Robert Leicht and John Messner (PSU) and Keith Molenaar (Univ. of Colorado)

Research Assistants:  Bryan Franz (PSU) and Bezad Esmaelli (University of Nebraska- Lincoln)

Products Developed

Implementation Guides

Maximizing Success in Integrated Projects: An Owner’s Guide


Maximizing Success in Integrated Projects Website

Research Reports

 RES-CPF 2015-2 - Maximizing Success in Integrated Projects: An Owner’s Guide, 54 pages.

Related Research Papers

Impact of Team Integration and Group Cohesion on Project Performance by Bryan Franz, Robert Leicht, Keith Molenaar and John Messner, ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 143(1), 2017.

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