Define Collaborative Meeting Goals

Before a project team meets in an interactive workspace or even chooses its specific use cases (i.e. 3D coordination meeting, virtual mockup review or 4D Modeling phase planning), the goals of using the interactive workspace need to be defined. This section will provide a method for identifying goals for interactive workshops.

The first step of the planning process is to lay out the future workshop in the building process and define the objectives of those workshops. It is recommended that the IW planning team leverages pull planning process and starts from the key project milestones. A milestone can be extracted from contract documents or be determined by the project team. Whenever a milestone is identified, the planning team should place a diamond in the row of "Milestones" (See Figure 1).  The diamond should be placed under the project timeline to match the timing of the milestone. After the milestone diamond is placed, the IW planning team should write down the name of the milestone and the deadline of the milestone under the diamond. The name of the milestone should be descriptive, or in the case that no enough space is available on the table, the IW planning team needs to write down the description of the milestones somewhere else.

After milestones are identified, the IW planning team will trace back from each milestone and lay out the workshops that will contribute to the deliverables required by the milestone. When a workshop is identified, a workshop icon needs to be placed in the "Workshop/Work Session" row at the appropriate location under the project timeline. There are two types of workshops, which are one-time workshops and recurrence workshops. One-time workshops are represented as triangles, and the recurrence workshops are represented as circles. As with milestones, the IW planning team will need to define the name and time of the workshops. We recommend the planning team also create detailed descriptions of the goals and objectives of the workshop although the planning template does not require that. Goals and objectives should stem primarily from owner interests, overall project BIM objectives, collaborative workflow guidelines, and team-developed objectives. It is important to remember that goals must be applicable to the capabilities of the team and workspace.

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