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Developing a BIM Project Execution Plan ensures all parties are clearly aware of opportunities and responsibilities associated with the incorporation of BIM into a project workflow. This Guide provides a structured procedure for creating and implementing a BIM Project Execution Plan. The goal for developing this structured procedure is to enable effective planning and enhance communication among the project participants during the early phases of a project.  The Guide and templates are included in the National BIM Standard - US (Version 3).


-  Charles Pankow Foundation

-  Construction Industry Institute

-  Penn State Office of Physical Plant

-  Partnership for Achieving Construction Excellence (PACE) at Penn State

-  buildingSMART alliance


Initial Development Project:  2008 - 2011.

Currently, the CIC Research Group is seeking resources to update the guide for inclusion into the National BIM Standard - US, in collaboration with the buildingSMART alliance BIM Planning Workgroup

Team Participants

Pricipal Investigator:  John Messner


Research Assistants:  

Industry Advisory Board Members:

Products Developed

Implementation Guides

  BIM Project Execution Planning Guide and templates


  BIM Planning Website

Research Reports

CII Research Report: RES-CPF 2010-11 - Building Information Modeling Project Execution Planning Research Project, 199 pages.

CII Research Summary: RES-CPF 2010-1 - Project Execution Planning for Building Information Modeling (BIM), 25 pages.

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